Dear Parents,

As I’m sure you are all aware, last night the Ministry of Education and Higher Education announced a set of decisions taken based on the daily evaluation of the blended learning since the return to schools on September 1st. Below are the decisions which were taken:

1) The blended learning shall remain applicable in all public and private schools, while maintaining the approved attendance rate of 30% and observing the precautionary measures.

2) Starting next week, parents will be given a choice between proceeding with blended learning or switching entirely to distance learning. This aims at controlling classroom attendance and explanation mechanisms.

3) It is necessary to register students’ attendance and monitor absence days in both blended and distance learning modes.

4) It is mandatory that students attend exams at schools.

Please note that starting September 20th, parents can choose to either have their child(ren) continue with the current blended learning option or choose to keep them at home full time for distance learning.

In the Blended Learning Option, 30% of our students will attend school in person each day as per MoE guidelines. This will typically be 1-3 days per week on a rotating schedule. The remainder of the time students will work from home, online.

For the Distance Learning Option,  students will stay home and work online 100% of the time. The only exception being that some students may have to attend exams in person. This will be dependent on the individual course requirements.

We understand that this will be a tough choice for parents to make but we would appreciate it if you could complete and submit the attached “Parent Learning Choice for Upcoming Schooling Phase” form by 6:00 PM tomorrow, Wednesday September 16th. In case we have not received your answer by the deadline, your child(ren) will be placed in the blended learning group. This will allow the school administration to revise the current Blended Learning Plan to accommodate your choices and communicate our plan on Thursday. We appreciate your kind attention and prompt reply. Please note that we urge you to decide carefully as this decision is final for the duration of Semester 1 and cannot be changed.

Parent Learning Choice for Upcoming Schooling Phase form link:


We appreciate your understanding and patience as we move into our next phase of learning together.

Kind and healthy regards,

Blyth Academy Administration
Blyth Academy Qatar
P.O. Box 1026
Ph. +974 4421 7753



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