Complaints Committee Communication


Complaints Committee Communication:

We are pleased to announce an exciting new implementation from the Ministry of Education this year – an internal Complaints Committee at our school. This committee has been established to help facilitate better communication and promote resolutions to issues between the school and parents.

At Blyth Academy Qatar, we have outlined a Parent Concern Policy with steps to take when it is necessary to address a complaint or concern. We kindly ask that you review our policy attached below for information before initiating any further action.

If you still feel that your concern is unresolved after attempting all possible steps, you can contact our Guidance Counsellor, Ms. Fiza Sher Ali at [email protected]. She will help work through the issue with the relevant party. If no conclusion has been made, the problem will be taken to the entire committee for discussion, and they will collaborate to develop the best plan and solution to resolve the concern.

We hope that this committee strengthens communication and ensures satisfactory outcomes for everyone. Thank you for your understanding.


Blyth Academy

7.02– Parent Concerns Policy


The Parent Concerns Policy serves as a framework to guide our school staff and parents/guardians when addressing concerns or issues that may arise regarding their child’s education. This policy outlines communication procedures, guidelines, and steps for finding appropriate resolutions so that we can work together to provide the best learning experience for our students.


Policy Statement:

We value parents’ involvement in their children’s education and believe that effective communication is essential in ensuring that students thrive. Our Parent Concerns Policy outlines procedures for communicating academic, behavioral, and technical concerns in a respectful and timely manner. Concerns should first be addressed to the teacher, and if necessary, escalated to the relevant Divisional Lead, Deputy Head, Head of School, and the Managing Director.


We aim to address concerns efficiently, fairly, and confidentially. We expect parents to provide detailed information and constructive feedback to staff members who can assist them in finding suitable resolutions within a reasonable timeline. We strive to maintain open communication channels and appreciate parents’ professionalism and cooperation in the resolution process.


Communication Procedures:


Step 1 – Contact the Classroom or Course Teacher:


Parents must use the appropriate platforms (email, MS Teams chat, or provided classroom platform) to communicate any concerns related to their child’s specific class, grade, or course. A face-to-face meeting can be scheduled with the teacher upon request via email. Meetings on campus with your child’s teacher should be scheduled after 2:30 pm.



Step 2 – Contact Lead Teacher for each Division

If the concern remains unresolved, parents can contact the relevant Department Head, Lead, or Coordinator to clarify academic or divisional concerns and schedule an appointment. The contacts for each department or division are listed below:


Step 3 – Contact our Deputy Head

If the concern still requires further clarification, parents can submit their queries to our Deputy Head, Mr. Henderson. His contact information is provided in the policy.


Step 4 – Contact our Head of School

If the concern revolves around a school policy or procedural matter, parents can contact the Head of School, Mrs. Sullivan, after contacting the Deputy Head.


Step 5 – Contact our Managing Director

If the concern persists, parents can contact our Managing Director, Mr. Shaw, to seek further clarification.


If you have questions or concerns regarding specific areas of administration, please contact the appropriate staff member as follows:


Internal Parent Concerns and Complaints Committee

If after the above procedures have been followed and the concern still remains unresolved, please do the following;


Communication Procedures:
1) Reach Out to Our Guidance Counsellor Ms. Fiza: Ms. Fiza is the designated caretaker of the Parent Concerns and Complaints Committee and should be the first person parents contact when they have any questions or concerns. She can answer questions and provide more information regarding any matters of concern. She can be reached at [email protected].

2) Work Out Any Solutions with Ms. Fiza: After contacting Ms. Fiza, the parent will work to resolve the issue with her without any further action.

3) If unresolved, the matter will be referred to the school’s internal Complaints Committee (which consists of admin, experienced teachers, guidance counselor, and administrative supervisor. If an agreement cannot be reached, Ms. Fiza will work together with the committee to find a solution that is satisfactory for all the parties involved.



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