Useful Information About the School


With the holistic curriculum, Blyth Academy became best international school in qatar, and accredited by the Ministry of Education of Alberta, Canada and the Ministry of Education of the State of Qatar. BAQ follows the Alberta curriculum which is widely recognized and ranks amongst the top educational systems in the world. Students obtaining an Alberta Secondary School Diploma are accepted to universities and colleges across the world.

Exams and Tests

Students at BAQ must write Alberta Provincial Achievement Tests in grades 6 and 9 and Diploma exams in core subjects at the end of grade 12. Generally, BAQ students perform at, or above, provincial levels. In 2019-2020 all graduates were accepted into post-secondary programs. Every third year students write the PISA exam.  Recent results in literacy ranked BAQ amongst the best schools in Qatar when compared to schools of similar size and composition.

Experiential Learning

BAQ believes student’s learn best by participating in rich experiences. We offer a variety of local field trips and do offer at least one International Service adventure a year.


Blyth Athletics has grown exponentially in recent years, with teams competing in football, basketball, athletics and handball across all age groups in both boys and girls competitions. Blyth Academy Qatar strongly believes in the benefits of teamwork and sportsmanship developed through athletic competition, and are excited by the opportunities for success created by our new facilities.

School Day 2021-2022


School Gates Open at 7.00am

All grades start at 7:30am every morning, Sunday to Thursday.

JK finish at 2:00pm Sun, Mon, Wed and Thurs.

SK-6 finish at 2:10pm Sun, Mon, Wed and Thurs.

7-12 finish at 2:15pm Sun, Mon, Wed and Thurs.

Tuesday – Shortened Day

All grades finish at 12:10pm on Tuesdays. 

As per the current MoE directives surrounding Covid-19 restrictions, we are unable to provide any extracurricular activities at this time.

Examples of Activities

  • Origami
  • Computer programming
  • Music
  • Kickboxing
  • Board games
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Football
  • Ball hockey
  • Math help
  • FSL
  • Stress management
  • Green Team
  • Student Council
  • MUN
  • Robotics
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Mad Science
  • Fitness
  • Photography
  • Art
  • Volleyball
  • Sign Language
  • Chess

Student Leadership

Student Council and Athletic council are the main source of student engagement in leadership. Students will not only plan activities for the school they will be consulted on many decisions made by the school administration. We are expecting a great deal from these students who represent their peers.


Attendance at Blyth Academy Qatar does require students to be in school uniform. Currently, our uniforms are available at Zak’s, however, parents may choose other suppliers providing the clothing is identical to that provided by Zak’s. The uniform consists of the following.

Blyth Academy polo or hearing bone dress shirt (long or short sleeve), black pants (no athletic wear or denim), Bermuda shorts, skirt or skort and for cooler days a navy fleece that is hoodless. The Physical Education uniform (not to be worn in classrooms) includes a Blyth Academy PE t-shirt, Blyth Academy shorts or track pants and athletic footwear.

Students are placed in one of four houses for their time at Blyth Academy Qatar. Each house has a colour associated with their house and it is recommended students also have a house colour t-shirt.

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