Blyth Academy Qatar

About the School

Blyth Academy Qatar is a K-12 learning community that embraces diversity, engages students in their studies, and nurtures lifelong learners who are equipped to pursue post-secondary studies and fulfilling careers of their choice.

Students at Blyth Academy Qatar will experience a personalized, differentiated, collaborative and experiential learning environment that leads to higher levels of motivation, engagement and achievement, and that features:

  • small class sizes, allowing teachers to focus on personalized teaching
  • customization of learning to student needs
  • recruitment and development of high-quality educators
  • comfortable, empathetic, nurturing learning environments
  • Interdisciplinary use of technology and tools to explore study topics, present content, communicate with others and more
  • Counselling services
Accreditations from Canada and Qatar


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The School is in its tenth year of operation, receiving complete and formal Accreditation from Alberta Education of Canada in January 2015 with formal Accreditation from the Qatar Ministry of Education in March 2016.  The School was established after the approval from Her Highness’ Office for the School Board, School, and the Adoption of the Canadian Curriculum to be funded by the State of Qatar.

Blyth Academy Qatar offers Programs of Study for students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 using the curriculum and assessment documents designed and produced by the Government of Alberta, in Canada, under their direct supervision and evaluation processes.  Further to this, the school is accredited by the Supreme Education Council and offers Arabic and Islamic Studies that fall under the direct guidance and supervision of the SEC.

The school has been using the Alberta Education curriculum for nine years. It is applied in a continuum from Kindergarten to grade 12 where the Alberta Program of Studies, the Alberta Approved Resources, and the Assessment Documents and Grading by Alberta Education form the framework of references for the instruction. The evaluation, supervision, and feedback are provided by final standardized examination results, annual visitations and annual accountability surveys, released as the Accountability Pillar Report. The school also accesses all documentation approved and demanded by the SEC for their Arabic and Islamic Studies. The evaluation, supervision, and feedback are provided by formal visitations and annual surveys with the annual release of a School Report Card. Both sets of curricula operate under a model of delivery with measures for the school’s self-reflection that leads to continuously aiming to improve and update its pedagogy and operations.

Blyth Academy


Blyth Academy is Canada’s leading private school by enrollment and Canada’s leading provider of international accredited education. Our global perspective on education has inspired our expansion in Canada, the United States of America, Europe and Asia. Our schools are accredited by the Ministries of Education in Ontario, Alberta and the Middle States Association in the USA, we have received permission from the Singapore ministry of education – council for private education to deliver Ontario accredited secondary school courses in Singapore.

Blyth Academy is a global leader in providing students with safe, transformative, experiential learning opportunities. Our international summers program enables students to complete secondary school credits in in over 20 countries around the world. Students in our Global High School program complete Grades 11 and 12 while travelling through 10 countries each year.

Blyth Academy Online is one of Canada’s leading providers of online education with more than 60 accredited courses available for Grades 9 to 12.  Blyth Academy Online provides students with a flexible, engaging approach to completing their online credits whenever and wherever they are located.

We also provide community service programs for students in several countries.

What We Believe

At Blyth Academy we believe:

  • Authentic learning is founded upon curiosity, creativity, engagement and critical thinking.
  • A broad, balanced and manageable curriculum is the foundation of life-long learning.
  • Both a global perspective and international collaboration are central to becoming valuable world citizens.
  • Environmental awareness and sustainability are our social responsibility.
  • Staff and student interactions must be based on respect, integrity, and striving for excellence.
  • Healthy learning communities are founded on safety, humility, empathy, caring, sensitivity and inclusion.
  • A balanced lifestyle is important for both students and staff with regard to family, academic and social responsibilities.