Dear Parents,
We trust that you are well.  As our first full week of on-line classes draws to a close, I would like to update you on the plan for next week.  We are looking forward to easing students back to school and can’t wait to see them again, as well as welcome our new students!  Students will each attend one session on their scheduled day as indicated in the table below.  Please read the table carefully!  
Please note that we are staggering some of the times.   JK-6 students’ teachers will clearly communicate to you which of the 2 sessions you’re child(ren) are scheduled to attend (8:00am-9:30am or 10:30am-12:00pm).  Grades 7-12 times are indicated below;
Session Time
Junior Kindergarten, Senior Kindergarten
Teachers will inform students/parents of time to attend
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grades 1-3
Teachers will inform students/parents of time to attend
Grades 4-6
Teachers will inform students/parents of time to attend
Grade 8
Grade 9
Grade 7
Grade 12
We are excited to introduce students to the new campus and guide them through the required Covid-19 protocols and procedures during this first visit.  For the days that they aren’t attending, classes/sessions will continue on-line.
This will be our first introduction to the ‘blended model’ of only 30% of students in school.  Next week, we will communicate to you what the following weeks will look like as your child will be attending more than one day. So that you can plan accordingly.
  • Cloth masks are compulsory for students in grades 7-12 and voluntary in the lower grades.
  • Students are expected to wear their uniforms.
  • Please have students dropped off and picked up in a timely manner according to their allocated time.
  • Please remind your child(ren) of some of the Covid-19 precautions (social distancing, hand washing and/or hand sanitizing, masks if required, etc) before attending.  This will also be reviewed at the school.  
  • Remember…we are all in this together!
Students’ and staff’s health and safety continue to be our priority as we follow all MoEHE and MoPH regulations.  We want everyone to stay healthy and continue learning through a blended model as directed.  We will update you weekly on any revisions or changes we make in order to accomplish our goals and eventually have as many students learning in school as possible within the guidelines.
Kind and healthy regards,      
Darlene Sullivan
Head of School
Blyth Academy Qatar
P.O. Box 1026
Doha, Qatar
Phone: +974 44217553/+974 44217554 (ext#105)


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