Dear Parents,

I hope you and your family are continuing to stay healthy, safe, and enjoying the summer break so far.  Please say hello to your children for me!

Here is an update on a few items;

First of all, please note that our staffing process has been going very well over the last month.  We have now filled approximately 85% of our vacant positions and are waiting on a few more responses to offers sent.  This is a higher rate than this time last year which is very positive!  I am quite pleased with the great interest and number of applicants for the teaching positions available at our school.  I am also very confident that all positions will be filled over the next few weeks with highly qualified Canadian teachers who all qualify for their Alberta certification if they don’t already have it.

Secondly, we are still waiting on a decision from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education as to the mode of curriculum delivery for September 1st.  The decision will be made and communicated by mid August.  Either way, we will be ready for whichever model is decided on, whether classes will be totally on-line, a hybrid of some classes on campus and some on-line, or classes being conducted 100% back on campus.  We will keep you updated as we learn more and hope that things improve enough to get all students back to school again soon.

Lastly, we will be scheduling another zoom Town Hall meeting in August to provide further updates as well as to answer any questions that you may have.

We will also be posting information on our website and other social media to help keep you informed and up to date on what’s happening at Blyth Academy.  Please stay tuned and stay healthy!  Together we can continue to help flatten the curve.

Kind regards,
Darlene Sullivan
Head of School

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